CeBIT-2014 international technological exhibition started on March 10 in Hanover, Germany. The Skolkovo Foundation brought there 30 startups, residents of IT and Space & Telecommunications clusters.

“CeBIT— is one of the leading technological exhibitions in Europe and globaly, so for every technological company it’s a right place to let the world know about your technology”, the Skolkovo IT cluster acting director Igor Bogachev said to correspondent in Hanover. “Our goal at CeBIT is in line with general Skolkovo Innovation Center goal, which is to make our resident companies noticeable, well-known and help them to get into markets. Today more than 60 IT cluster residents have already created ready for distribution products, and therefore we decided it was important to invite those interested in European markets to CeBIT-2014”, Bogachev said.

Igor Bogachev at CeBIT-2014

The Skolkovo participants are located at one big stand at CeBIT-2014. And each of them has its own demo-zone. Additionally, pitch-sessions on the spot were also organized for Skolkovo start-ups. And ten startups, which came to Hanover, show their presentations on CeBIT’s open stage on March 11.

We should talk more here about innovations and about Skolkovo, it’s essential for adequate understanding on what is going on with technological and hi-tech industries in our country. Europe is already familiar more or less with some of Skolkovo companies: several IT cluster residents actively work on European markets, and among them there are already startups, which cooperate with such big corporations, such as Airbus, SAP, Siemens, and others. Trust to our technologies is based on wide recognition that Russia is a country of talented mathematicians, software developers, engineers,Igor Bogachev

The IT cluster leader also said that CeBIT is by far not the only large exhibition, which Skolkovo plans to take part in. “In the second half of April IT cluster will make a road show in Hong Kong, there will be an exhibition, devoted to Internet of Things there, and 10 Skolkovo companies, working in this area, will take part in it. They’ll meet their Asian counterparts, reps of hi-tech corporations. They are quite strong in hardware, but Russian companies have better programmers, so we expect quite strong synergy. Besides, IT cluster plans to make a road show into the Silicon Valley in fall”, Bogachev said.