There are several companies among Skolkovo residents, which currently work hard at Olympic Sochi, where innovative technologies are being used quite extensively at different sports facilities. NPO Sodis is one of them.

NPO Sodis, the IT cluster resident of the Skolkovo Foundation, has introduced at all key Sochi Games sports facilities a complex system of online monitoring of structural parameters. As Karina Aganova, marketing director of the company (who was, by the way, born in Sochi) said, “Now, in those buildings, where sportsmen and fans from all over the world are participating in Sochi-2014 events and competitions, our controlling systems, which look after parameters of engineering and supporting structures, are in place. The mentioned NPO Sodis BUILDING software systems also include anti-terrorist threats functionality”, Karina Aganova said in a telephone interview to from the Russian Olympic capital.

The Bolshoi stadium from inside (photo of

It’s worth mentioning that last year the NPO Sodis software won the “Autodesk Innovation Awards 2013” contest (Civil Construction nomination). Yuri Kolotovichev, the NPO Sodis R&D director, added to his colleagues comment that the smart systems, developed and installed by NPO Sodis, are able to monitor the smallest tilts and careens of supporting structures, foundations, sustaining walls, as well as to control any micro deformation. Now the systems are installed in all main Sochi Olympic buildings, including the Iceberg Skating Palace, the Fisht stadium, the Shaiba stadium, the Adler-Arena skating ring, the Bolshoi Ice palace and others.

The sensor systems, managed by the NPO Sodis software, can also monitor and signal to an alarm room if something goes wrong with constructions due to some seismic activities, as wells as excessive level of noise, movements of big crowds of visitors, or other factors, which can represent a potential threat to structural elements of stadiums.

The NPO Sodis is a unique company, which has a huge technical and commercial potential. Based on innovative technologies, they managed to create an unparalleled software system of technical monitoring of buildings. This system uses unique algorithms of analysis and processing of information, which allows to control buildings in real time, using a 3D modelling. The product is currently being introduced in 200 objects in Moscow and regions of Russia, while most of Olympic Sochi objects are also equipped with the system,Ivan Kireev, senior project manager of the IT cluster commented to