Foundation resident “AngioScan”, one of the selection winners for mobile diagnostic devices at Skolkovo MD, brings its new personal dosimeter RadiaScan to the retail market.

AngioScan together with the Skolkovo Foundation developed a new device – a radiation dosimeter RadiaScan 701. The main purpose of the RadiaScan dosimeter is warning users about radiation threat in the surroundings and certain items, as well as assessment of the amount of gamma and X-ray radiation received by the user.


The device allows assessing the current radiation level and gives alarm signals if this level exceeds the threshold specified by the user. This, on the one hand warns the users about the deterioration of the radiation situation, and on the other, allows them to timely leave the place with increased radiation and take other measures for protection.

Presently the first batch of the RadiaScan 701 device has been produced which will be available for purchase in the offices of “AngioScan” or via internet shops.


Besides, in the nearest future, with the support of the Foundation, “AngioScan” plans to release a trial batch of another device which will allow measuring radiation level of food products and report on the slightest excess of the admissible concentration limit (ACL). The prototype of this device was developed in May and presented at the Startup Village event on May 26-28 generating huge interest among the investors and experts, as well as users. It is expected that the trial batch will be produced already in the third quarter of this year.

Igor Bogachev, executive director of the IT cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation made the following comment on the “AngioScan” news:

“I’m glad that another new high technological product created by the member of IT cluster of Skolkovo made it to the market. AngioScan is a company working on the dynamically growing market of mHealth, which exists at the junction of medicine and mobile IT technologies, solving the task of decreasing healthcare costs through products for early diagnostics, dynamic supervision with the consideration of high mobility of population and desire of receiving medical service on the spot without having to wait. RadiaScan warns the users on deterioration of the radiation environment and allows them to timely leave the place with increased radiation and take other measures for own protection. In the complex ecological situation this device can be indispensable. I believe that RadiaScan will help making life of common people easier, while making diagnostics more accessible and exact.” Igor Bogachev.