Visual tracking has been a challenging problem in computer vision over the decades. The applications of visual tracking are far-reaching,
ranging from surveillance and monitoring to smart rooms. Mean-shift tracker, which gained attention recently, is known for tracking
objects in a cluttered environment. In this work, we propose a new method to track objects by combining two well-known trackers,
sum-of-squared differences (SSD) and color-based mean-shift (MS) tracker. In the proposed combination, the two trackers complement
each other by overcoming their respective disadvantages. The rapid model change in SSD tracker is overcome by the MS tracker module,
while the inability of MS tracker to handle large displacements is circumvented by the SSD module. The performance of the combined
tracker is illustrated to be better than those of the individual trackers, for tracking fast-moving objects. Since the MS tracker relies on
global object parameters such as color, the performance of the tracker degrades when the object undergoes partial occlusion. To avoid
adverse effects of the global model, we use MS tracker to track local object properties instead of the global ones. Further, likelihood ratio
weighting is used for the SSD tracker to avoid drift during partial occlusion and to update the MS tracking modules. The proposed tracker
outperforms the traditional MS tracker as illustrated.