When we refer to the Skolkovo Community, we are talking about its Participants: the dozens of established companies and more than 1,000 startups that come together at the Skolkovo Innovation Center to create the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The entities are split into five research clusters depending on their field of activity: IT, Biomed, Nuclear, Energy and Space.

Fledgling companies seeking to join the Skolkovo project must submit applications that are reviewed by Expert Boards convened under each respective cluster. When deciding whether to approve applications, priority is given to projects that seek to change the face of the market or introduce new, market-leading products and technologies. The Expert Boards are comprised of Russian and foreign scientists, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs who can examine whether the project is both scientifically feasible and marketable.

Having become Participants, successful applicants are entitled to apply for a grant for the implementation of their innovations. Grants are decided upon by the Investment Committee, which is composed of employees of the Skolkovo Foundation and independent experts, in accordance with the investment policy.

So far at least 40 companies have received grants from the Skolkovo Foundation.