In a first 8 months of 2019 our company realized two projects which started in previous year.

First project is related with utilization of carbon wastes of TOO "Kazzinc", Republic of Kazakhstan. Our company supplied a complex of equipment for producing carbon-water slurry (CWS) from a wasted carbon filter-cake. This CWS replaces a Heavy Fuel Oil in a drying kiln ans allows to save on heat energy production and utilizes wastes.

Our company supplied both Wet Milling Machine (our major Product) and CWS storage systems.

Project was realized with a support of one austrian bank which issued a Bank Guarantee required for the strict financial conditions from the Customer's part.

Second project is realized in Spain. We developed, produced and delivered multifuel double vortex burner for the burning coal wastes, wooden chips and other fuels.

As it is sometimes happens, an intermediate company created a serious delay for the project. They represented themselves as our potential distributor and hided 45% of financing of the project. Most probably a crime issue will start in Spain. Such behavior caused a 5 months delay, but finally we did it!

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