The Foundation for the Development of the Center for Elaboration and Commercialization of New Technologies has announced a competition to choose the general designer for the development of the final stage of the project documentation of the Skolkovo Innovation Center - project planning. Construction plans are now much closer to their final implementation. However, this decision to organize a tender is more than a signal for the beginning of a new phase of urban development works; it is an important message for the architectural community. Detailed, professionally prepared documentation is absolutely necessary in order to fully integrate Russian architectural firms into the implementation of this priority national target project.

The Master Plan of Skolkovo was created by the French company AREP. The development of hotel districts of the Innovation Centre is being carried out by prominent architects, including the Pritzker Prize winners Kazuyo Sejima and Pierre de Meuron, as well as by the Russian stars Sergey Choban and Yuriy Grigoryan. Their participation will help create a diverse, rich urban environment and erect recognizable buildings, which will form a recognizable image of Skolkovo. However, most of the objects of the Innovation Center will be designed by Russian architects, including young professionals, who will be chosen through architectural competitions. For Russian architects, this is a great opportunity to work in a team composed of representatives of the world’s highest caliber architectural bureaus, and obtain significant work that requires a creative approach.

The need to synchronize the work of many architectural companies, which are dissimilar in scale and capabilities, requires that the utmost attention be paid to the quality of project documentation. That is why the Skolkovo Foundation plans to involve a qualified general designer in urban project design. Specific requirements have been set for the participants in the competition, including prior experience in coordinating various architectural firms and having a staff that is qualified in the implementation of eco-standards, LEED and BREAM, during construction. The largest Russian and foreign companies have already displayed interest in the contest. The creation of international alliances is also possible.