• Alexander Kuleshov

  • Academician of the Russian Academy of Science, Skoltech president

  • From 2016, president of Skoltech.

    Born on May 2, 1946 in Moscow. In 1970, he graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University, with a degree in mathematics.

    In 1977, he defended his Master’s thesis on a theme - “Stream management methods in networks with packet switching”, and in 1987, he defended his thesis for a doctor's degree on a theme “Computer Network Protocols”.

    In 1989, Mr. Kuleshov has been assigned the title of Professor. In 2008, he was elected Correspondent Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the Department of Nanotechnology and Information Technologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (in the specialty of “Cognitive technologies in computer designing systems”).

    A.P. Kuleshov is a specialist in the field of information technologies and mathematical modeling. The areas of scientific interests of A.P. Kuleshov: developing the basic principles for the creation of multidisciplinary models of complex technical objects; developing of new mathematical models, methods and algorithms of data processing and analysis, based on cognitive technologies, for the solving of concrete applied tasks in computerized design systems in the conditions of indistinct entrance data and intercommunication.

    Models and methods were introduced in computerized design systems both in Russia and abroad; developing of new mathematical methods and algorithms of stream management and routing, which have been successfully introduced in large-scale territorially distributed networks of data transmission, and are published in the known monograph entitled “Packet Switching Networks” (1986); developing of architecture and system of data transmission protocols, which have been laid down on a basis of some created and functioning data transmission networks.

    In 2006, A.P. Kuleshov has been elected as the director of the A.A. Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems (IITP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Mr. Kuleshov is a member of the International Publishing Council of the magazine “Problems of Management Theory and Practice”, the Chairman of the Academic Council of IITP of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the chairman of the doctorate dissertational council at IITP of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a member of Coordination Council on Innovative Activities and Issues of Intellectual Property at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Council of the Inter-Regional Public Organization - “Achievements of Young People”. He heads the basic Chair of Information Transmission and Processing of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in the IITP of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

    The author and co-author of 54 studies, including 4 monographs.

    He has been awarded the Medal for Labor Merit.