• Sergey Shubin

  • Project Development Director

  • In November 2010 Mr. Shubin joined the Skolkovo Foundation as Director for Development of the IT Cluster.

    His major tasks include project evaluation, specification of  the evalutation approach as along with Government and business interaction  and supervising the “Development of technologies for communication and navigation” foresight direction.

    Sergey holds Master's degree in Radio Engineering and a Doctorate in Business Administration.

    From the mid-1980s to the early 1990s Mr Shubin worked as an engineer and a programmer in the civil aviation and oil industry.

    Later on he held leading positions at R&D departments within  Russian companies “Sibneftegazpererabotka”  and “Tekhnotron”, and Canadian Nortel Networks.

    His career has seen him go from Engineer to Project Director, from Head of Department to Company President.  All that testifies for Mr Shubin's experience and professionalism in research and development as well as business management.