I split my time between Boston, MA, USA (where my family resides and the HQ of the company is), Zürich, Switzerland (where I hold a professorship and run a research office for the company), and Singapore (where most of the company's staff are based). I can travel to Moscow as neeed.


Co-founder and CTO, nuTonomy Inc. Professor, ETH Zürich


Full professor at MIT for ~10 years, now at ETH Zürich (on partial leave). Founded nuTonomy Inc. in 2013, sold it in 2017 to Aptiv, currently still leading the technology development as CTO.

Интересы, компетенции:

Self-driving cars, autonomous vehicles, robotics, automatic control, transportation


I am interested in advising young, brilliant, and entrepreneurially oriented professionals developing game-changing technologies. Also interested in angel investing, and in helping raising capital.

Интересны стартапы:

Robotics, automation, transportation.