India, Mumbai

4-5 times a year I travel to Moscow & Saint Petersburg. I'm available on Skype and other multimedia platforms.


Co-Founder & Director at Jackstraws - Integrated Marketing

О себе:

Completed Masters in Business Marketing from India, have been in the marketing & communication space for over 20 years. Represented brands like Nokia & Blackberry 2-3years in establishing brand alliances & partnerships in India. Was part of the IPG Inter-public Group World Wide, India

Интересы, компетенции:

Marketing, Brand Alliances & Partnerships, Brand Representation in UAE & India for Startup Projects


Support young minds, assist them in planning & setup effective communication channel between product presentation and investors & fund managers expectation.

Sharing new market know-hows are experiences

Интересны стартапы:

IT Industry - Completed testing phase & ready to launch in the next 3months- with user experiences feedback, what gap is being fulfilling?, market research information on competition and marketshare, how different is this solution?, what gaps are they full filing& how effective is this solution?. Interested in travel industry solutions & entertainment industry solutions