Chief Cybersecurity Officer (CCO), Enterprise Cybersecurity Group (ECG), Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe HQs

О себе:

Daniel Grabski joined Microsoft in May 2006. Since October 2014 he took the role of Chief Cybersecurity Officer (CCO) in charge of building Microsoft cybersecurity strategy and its execution across Central and Eastern Europe. His work is focusing on working with public sector, critical infrastructure stakeholders as well enterprises delivering security expertise, solutions and services needed. Before joining Microsoft CEE HQs Daniel was Chief Security Advisor for Poland working with government institutions responsible for cybersecurity in both civil and military sphere. Especially focused on providing & sharing with them knowledge, tools and data that are helpful in proactive response to cybersecurity threats on strategic as well operational level. Acting as a security advisor his role also included development of Worldwide Cybersecurity Agenda, landing Microsoft cybersecurity services and its customization to local public sector specifics and requirements. In his previous role as Innovative Government Program Manager responsible for localization, customization and implementation of Microsoft set of programs&initiatives dedicated to government organizations. These programs covered government security and intelligence organizations for security guidance and source code access - GSP (Government Security Program), SCP (Security Cooperation Program), children safety - CETS (Child Exploitation Tracking System), national security - DPR (Disaster Preparedness & Response), plus fostering and maintaining local software economy initiative through launching and managing of Microsoft Innovation Centers in Poland.

MBA graduate of Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania in Warsaw and Thames Valley University from London and M.S. in Professional Communication from SWSZiP and Clark University from Boston. Since 18 years connected with ICT industry, prior to Microsoft working among others in Capgemini Ernst & Young where he was responsible for business development and Public Sector business.

Интересы, компетенции:

Cybersecurity, business management, cloud computing, innovations, marketing


Passion for supporting every person and organization in the world to achieve more, especially in CyberSecurity sphere

Интересны стартапы:

Cloud based cybersecurity solutions