Analyst, EBRD

О себе:

Asset Management (Russian infrastructure including telcos and real estate) Principal investments (debt, project finance, structured equity) in infrastructure sector in Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia

Интересы, компетенции:

Finance: financial analysis, financial modeling; M&A/Investments: project finance / equity deal structuring (mature companies), legal documents (mature companies)


My work is primary related to mature businesses, while I want to gain some inside experience in how early stage companies operate. In future, I consider to get involved in angel investing.

Интересны стартапы:

Hard to say at this stage - I need to get involved with several companies to cristallise my preferences. For sure, I would want to mentor at least one company that is focussed on raising external capital. I want to interact with both prototype-stage start-ups and those at revenue-generating/fund-raising stages. Software start-ups are closer to my heart, as they are usually easier to understand, while hardware companies are more challenging and, hopefully, more fun.