Spain, Malaga


Deputy Director of Transfer Technology and International Relations, PARQUE TECNOLÓGICO DE ANDALUCÍA

О себе:

I have been involved into the following programs:

  • Adviser in R+D program at National level.
  • Launching start-up programs
  • Adviser in the creation of global start-ups
  • Mentorship of entrepreneurs.
  • Organization of international meetings for start-ups.
  • Coordination with pre- incubations and incubations.
  • Participation in the European program of mentorship.
  • Certificated as innovation responsible by the association of Spanish Technological Parks.
  • Incubation’s adviser in technology parks and innovations systems.

Интересы, компетенции:

Adviser in the creation of global start-ups.

Supporter in the organization of technological transfer meeting of start-ups.

Sectorial mentorship.


It allows you to be a channeler of international technological transference between start-ups.

Интересны стартапы:

  • Initiating incubators.
  • Helping to entrepreneurs in initiating their career
  • Clusters