50% of tinme in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and 50% in Tallinn, Estonia


External Producer, Gamedesign Expert, Monetization Consultant with Creative Mobile OÜ

О себе:

Project Manager with BDA (database development)

Design Director with Creat Studios Inc. (console, social and mobile games development)

Consulting for Creative Mobile, when they were a startup I have inspired and helped them to create their company forming project (Drag Racing). Founding my own game studio JoyCraftGames.

Интересы, компетенции:

All branches of Game Design, Mobile Game Technologies, Monetization, Socialization, Gamification


I like to be on the edge of the game industry and only communication and collaboration with proactive guys makes it possible.

I expect professional behavior and knowledge, an open mind and a strong will to succeed.

I will try to share my wisdom, connections and knowledge in the game industry, to apply my skills of long term planning and the unlimited enthusiasm for all the new things

Интересны стартапы:

All startups from the IT cluster related with the game industry, on all stages of life cycle.