Kuopio, Finland. I travel to Russia 8-12 times per year. Mostly to St Petersburg and Moscow.


Chairman of the Board and owner, Kasve Ltd

О себе:

  • Acted in various positions in the pharmaceutical companies, BD director, CEO, Chairman of the Board
  • Established biomed start ups
  • Applied VC money successfully
  • Negotiated and structured dozens of international commercial agreements and also agreements for R&D and contract manufacturing.
  • Deal sheet contains numerous in- and out-licensing deals including medicines, food supplements, medical devices, cosmetics and pharmaceutical technologies.
  • Excellent networks to key-decision makers in Europe, Russia and Asia

Dr Jukka Holappa is a hard-working pharma professional with R&D, regulatory, business development, in- and out-licensing and retail experience. As an innovative, experienced and brutally honest dealmaker, Dr Holappa knows how to juggle between parties in order to make business deals happen in the healthcare space. He has been buying and selling pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food supplements, technologies and all kinds of pharmaceutical services globally.

Dr Holappa is a market-oriented and market-driven “outside-the-box” thinker, with b-to-b and b-to-c marketing and sales experience. He has excellent networks to decision makers especially in Europe, Asia and Russia. Dr Holappa has received his PhD in pharmacy from the University of Kuopio, Finland.

Интересы, компетенции:

  • I´m a business development professional with full understanding of different agreement structures
  • my biggest asset is to understand also the R&D / quality aspects, thus lead the development of the whole start-up


  • I like Russia. I have already catalysed deals between European and Russian pharma companies
  • Skolkovo is a very unique concept and I think that I could be valuable to Skolkovo.

Интересны стартапы:

Anything on Biomed, since I have experience in pharma, medtech and diagnostics