[Russia, Moscow] and [UK, London]


CEO, AF Capital Holding JSC

О себе:

2015: Helping Deutsche Bank AG (Zurich) to develop the Digital Strategy 2020 in order to make competitive edge over other banks and agreesive competition from non-banking players (e.g., peer-to-peer lending platforms, virtual banks, blockchain settlements, etc.);

2015: Helping to start and raise seed investments in 5 startups / venture projects, in Russia, UK and Ireland; in 3 of them I am a shareholder / future board member;

2014: As part of venture financing arm of AF Capital reviewed dozens of startups and rapid-growers, including IPO advisory (Deutsche Boerse) of Ireand-based high-tech aerospace/avionics manufacturer

2014: Started AF Capital as a diversified financial services and educational company;

2004-now: working in the global international finance, including Deutsche Bank AG in London, Frankfurt and Moscow, Renaissance Capital and Alfa-Bank

Интересы, компетенции:

  • Fundraising for different industries (prime interest: high-tech, new media, telecom, marketplaces, biotech, mining);
  • Creation of anti-crisis centre based on Moscow State University, as educational and management aid body;
  • Artificial Intelligence knowledge hub creation involving science and industry experts for VC projects factory in Russia;
  • Internet global marketplaces model development (developing own startup in this sphere)


From protege(s) I will be expecting collaboration and ability+willingness to learn; I'm about to give my experience and global contacts network access, along with access to the top think tanks in IT and management consulting

Интересны стартапы:

IT cluster, energy cluster; Stages: all