I am a citizen of Finland but I live in Moscow. I am also often in St. Petersburg


I am the Managing Partner in Moscow and St. Petersburg of one of the worlds leading Executive Search firms Stanton Chase International. I am also a member of Stanton Chase Technology Practice Group.

О себе:

Paul Holm has over 25 years international career in information technology and management consulting. After his studies at the Helsinki University of Technology (Information Technology and Business Management) Paul started a SW development company which became later one of the leading ERP SW companies in Finland with operations in Sweden and Norway. Paul started his career in Russia in early nineties when he moved to Moscow to run one the first international telecommunication companies in the Russian market.

During his long international career Paul also worked as a management consultant for Russian and international companies helping them to develop their business in Russia and in other countries. Besides Executive Search Paul has experience in Human Resource Management, corporate strategy, Go To Market, M&A, business process development and ERP/CRM implementations. During his career Paul has also been a mentor and an investor in start up companies in IT, Telecommunications and Life Sciences SW in Russia, Finland, U.K. Hong Kong and Thailand.

Paul's career in Executive Search started in 1998 when he became the Regional Director of Russia and Baltic's in a Finnish owned Executive Search, assessment and recruitment company MPS (Management Personnel Services). Paul started MPS offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Riga and Vilnius. These offices where heavily engaged in IT recruiting during the IT boom of that time. At MPS Paul had customers and placements in Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, U.K. Canada and USA. The biggest customers of that time for Paul were Nokia Mobile Phones, Nokia Telecommunications and Tellabs. Before joining Stanton Chase in 2010 Paul was running an IT SW development and outsourcing company in St. Petersburg for 7 years.

Paul is one of the founding Partners of Stanton Chase International in Moscow and in St. Petersburg. Paul is the member of Stanton Chase Technology Practice Group. From the beginning of 2015 Paul became the Managing Partner of Stanton Chase operation in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Today Paul is residing in Moscow.

Established in 1990, Stanton Chase is one of the leading global executive search firms. Stanton Chase is ranked within the top 10 global retained executive search firms. With proven expertise in key sectors of the global economy, it has 9 specialist practice groups that operate as international teams. Stanton Chase has today operations in 41 countries with 70 offices. Stanton Chase is a member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants. Further information can be found at www.stantonchase.com

Интересы, компетенции:

Stanton Chase International Technology Practice Group visited Skolkovo in fall 2013. After this visit the decision was taken to provide our Executive Search services free for selected Skolkovo start ups in order to find advisory board members for them and to help them to expand their business to international markets. Stanton Chase International has 70 offices and operations in 41 countries worldwide. We have strong experience, contact networks and expertise in Technology Practice.


We believe that we are able to help Skolkovo start ups to develop their international business. We understand the challenges that Skolkovo start up’s have when they grow and want to become international. As truly global organization with strong expertise (in IT, telecommunications, Life Sciences and Health Care, Natural Resources and Energy) and networks all over the world we can help Skolkovo start up’s to find the right key people to help to develop and drive their global business. I have been several times a start up entrepreneur, mentor and an investor.

I have worked with other investors in several occasions. I understand well the challenges a start up has including the mind set of the entrepreneur, his/her partners and employees, investors and customers. We expect our protege(s) to have the basic abilities and maturity for global success.

Интересны стартапы:

We would prefer to work with companies who have proven their concept and have already received financing = ready for international markets. We are also ready work with promising start ups who are on earlier stage. We would prefer companies in IT but ready to work with companies in our other practices too (telecommunications, Life Sciences and Health Care, Natural Resources and Energy).