General Provisions and Process Description


I.Terms and definitions

 Mentor – is an experienced entrepreneur or expert in high-tech business shares his or her knowledge, skills and experience with the Protégé in order to develop an innovation as successfully as possible. The Mentor is not an investor in the project. He or she may serve as Mentor to several projects.

 Protégéis a Skolkovo participant who has applied to receive the support of a Mentor. The Protégé is ready and willing to study and adopt the methods of the Mentor, setting aside considerable time to prepare for mentoring sessions and making the greatest of efforts to fulfill the Mentor’s recommendations.

 Mentoring – is the interactions between the Mentor and the Protégé are carried out individually, free of charge, in a systematic way and completely voluntarily. The goal is the development of the Protégé’s innovation project.

II.General principles

The Skolkovo Mentor Program is based on the following general principles:

  1. Confidentiality: The contents of the meetings between Mentor and Protégé are confidential (where allowed by law).
  2. Voluntary nature: Participation in the Skolkovo Mentor Program is the free and conscious choice of Mentor and Protégé.
  3. Trust and respect: The relationship between Mentor and Protégé is grounded in mutual trust and respect.
  4. No conflict of interests: The Skolkovo Mentor Program must be implemented without any conflict of interests. Should any arise, the Mentor and Protégé will immediately undertake to eliminate them.
  5. Personal participation: Correspondence between Mentor and Protégé is conducted exclusively by the Mentor and the leader (the founder or CEO) of the project in question. There can be no delegation.
  6. Free of charge: No fees or charges may be incurred or applied by any party during any stage of the Skolkovo Mentor Program.

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