Albert Efimov

chief robotics



In 1993 he graduated from the Cybernetics Department of Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Mathematics. In 2002 he received the Chevening scholarship and obtained a Masters degree in Communication Management in Strathclyde Graduate Business School (UK). In 2012 he took a course in Summer Robotics School of Imperial College of London. A postgraduate student of Institute of World Economy and International Relations since 2013. An author of a number of scientific publications about innovation ecosystem of Russia and co-author of new technology report of Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.

1994–2011 — work in middle and large Russian telecom companies - Aerocom, Equant and Mobile Telesystems Group (MTS). At MTS he was responsible for development and implementation of IT strategy and interaction with business.

In 2011 he took the position of IT Project Director of IT Cluster of Skolkovo Foundation. 2011–2014 — development of a number of areas of support of small knowledge- intensive companies - participants of Skolkovo in the field of informatization of healthcare system and computer vision. 2013–2014 — Public Secretary of Expert Board of the Ministry of Communication and Mass Media of Russia on development of information technology industry.

In 2013 he held the first Russian robotic conference Skolkovo Robotics. Since August 2014 he manages Robotics Centre of Skolkovo Foundation. The main goal of Robotics Centre is acceleration of entrepreneurship activity in robotics and cyber-biophysical systems. Robocentre is the organizer and mastermind of all activities of in Skolkovo Foundation whose name starts from with Robo...