Robocenter Projects

Industrial robotics


Robotic complex third-generation metal processing


Intelligent Mine is the first in Russia and CIS technology for open pit mining that does not require human presence.  The system can be deployed on the most common types of equipment in Russia and CIS (BELAZ truck, EKG excavators, etc.).


Universal integrated hardware and software system of autonomous navigation

 Computer Robotics

Technology planning and motion control of the robot arm with the desired strength of interaction with the environment, object, people in industry and medicine

Service robotics


NR CyberMates is a PaaS platform that includes the following:

1) Service web-platform embedded in the platform of operator;

2) Subscriber set including controller, set of devices, mobile software and account on operator's website.

It connects devices for a single platform that ensures autonomous interaction.


Webot is a tele-presence robot enabling the user to perform actions in the area of location of robot using computer or Internet. It addresses the issue of communication automation and allows for remote monitoring of the situation, interaction with people and moving with the walking speed.

 SMP Robotics

Security robot "Tral Patrol" is designed for remote mobile video surveillance. The robot equipped with a panoramic video surveillance system can automatically travel across secured area and should replace a patrol guard.

 KB Avrora

The main project is aimed at creating an universal system of navigation and control of ground unmanned vehicles. A software and hardware platform was developed as part of the project that includes tools for testing and debugging of sensor data collection and analysis and decision making subsystems.


Promobot is a universal support robot for crowded areas that provides navigation support, consulting services for customers, identifies goods, broadcasts promotional materials, promotes sales and collects context information about customers.

 KMG PhotoBot

The mobile telepresence service robot for promotions.


The hardware and software platform for remote control underwater robotic systems for searching and monitoring of underwater objects.


Research and development in order to create robotic systems for inspection, cleaning and flaw detection of hull structures

 Gazproekt diagnostics

In-line inspection (ILI) is 7.5 times cheaper diagnostic dissection of conduits due to lack of labor stripping

Agro Robotics Systems

The project focuses on the development of hardware and software systems for unmanned control of agricultural vehicles to replace driver and operator.


The software control underwater vehicles


Protectedmini-UAVsfor professional tasks, that differs from the existing UAVs:

  • impact resistance
  • dustproof / waterproof
  • a very simple operator training(less than 5min learning time)

Underwater communication & navigation

RedWAVE system is presented line-up, solving the problem of underwater positioning for a wide range of consumers

Educational robotics

 CyberTechs Labs

TRIK is a universal software and hardware platform for prototyping of personal and service robots which significantly surpasses world analogues and allows creating modern robots that can "see" and "hear". Controller is compatible with a wide range of motors and sensors including competitors' products and it can be programmed on all popular languages and for this it is interesting for professionals, too.

 Intellectual Technology Laboratory LINTECH

Intellectual Technology Laboratory LINTECH develops and implements integrated systems in the field of wireless sensor networks including the field of educational robotics using proprietary algorithms of self-organizing distributed sensor networks.


Mechatronic and Robotic Intelligent Systems

 Educational Robotics

The project aims to develop motion control technology object when unilateral contact with the manipulator arm


Educational Kit Skretchduino

Сenter of Robotics

Designer robot that will allow pupils and students to collect their own autonomous underwater robot, program it to perform a variety of tasks

Unmanned aerial vehicles


Project for the creation and commercialization of automated control system of the UAV using algorithms and techniques surrounding peer review actions and behavior of aircraft when the flight missions

 Le Talo Robotics

The main project is an unmanned aerial vehicles service. Hardware and software solutions for creation of networks outside the unattended autonomous stations. Unmanned aerial vehicles in the autonomous mode fly over the area and collect required information.

 Laboratory of the Future

"Kanatokhod" is a robotised system for diagnostics of high voltage overhead power lines. The system combines advantages of unmanned aerial vehicles and robots moving on power lines. Combination of functions should improve efficiency of working process and relieve a human being from a part operational load.

 Sadko Mobile

The project mission is development of standardized control system for vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicles (VTOL UAV). The key feature is operation in two main flight modes - vertical (take-off/landing/hovering) and horizontal (prolonged flight in horizontal plane).


Development of an adaptive control system and commercialization of unmanned aerial aircraft system based on the device type tiltrotor

 Aircraft Unmanned Systems

Robotic unmanned aerial monitoring complex with elements of artificial intelligence for interactive data

 Ride TerraLink Research

The project aims to create a software system and hardware platform for the effective use of unmanned groups


Development of small unmanned aerial vehicle in the form factor of the ball for a photo and video

Personal Robotics

 MIRP - Intellectual Systems

Hyper-Kolobok is an affordable intellectual home robot. A home robot can speak, move, learn and accommodate to its master and embedded artificial intelligence solutions based on neuron network enable it to "remember" life situation and adapt to it.


Lexy is a home device for the entire family that understands human voice and provided with artificial intelligence designed for mass customer in the age from 18 to 40 years. Lexy provides a voice access to information in Internet, it manages smart home and entertains owners.


xTurion is a mobile robotised platform for home that is used for integrated monitoring (of fire, theft, water and gas leaks, climate) without sophisticated installation, excessive hardware and false response due to developed control system and communication capabilities.


Personal robot

 Research Laboratory of Design Automation

RLDA LLC develops and serially produces industrial controllers, I/O modules, interface converters, sensors and integrated automation systems and software for different industries which repeatedly entered the list of the best products of Russia.

Medical and rehabilitation robotics


Russia's first virtual simulator is designed for practicing endoscopic surgical skills% D1% 85irurgov different profiles and can be used for both novice surgeons with the aim of mastering the basic endoscopic skills and experienced professionals who% D0% B5 can perform full operation

 Scientific-Production Center "Biomedical Technology"

Together with practicing surgeons developed robotohirurgichesky complex having a fundamentally new mobile design (3-4 times smaller, accuracy 10 times higher)


ExoAtlet project is an exoskeleton for rehabilitation and social adaptation used for rehabilitation of people with disorder of locomotory function of lower limbs through replicating walking biomechanics, ease of usage, affordability and used technologies.


Development of electromechanical prosthetic upper limb with a system of myo-control

 Innovative Technologies

Development of technology for brain-computer interface to control prosthetic limbs and manipulators

 AI systems

 Titan Information Service

The system of continuous speech recognition Speereo

 Sybo Tech

STRobotics is a specialized platform for development of autonomous service robots consisting of the following components: robot on-board system control modules and software controller SBrick with software RNS for auto piloting, technical vision and object manipulation.


VisionLabs Luna is a software complex of facial recognition for banks and retail chains that ensures instantaneous verification and identification of customers using their images or videos based on an image recognition technology of unique quality and response time.


High-tech devices help blind and partially sighted people

 Innovation cener Jewel

JHCPS-OEM helps self-driving car to "see" up to 2,000 meters ahead under any visibility and weather conditions.



The development of pattern recognition algorithms that are stable under the conditions of the optical noise and low light.

Video Analysis Technologies

Automatic video annotation data for business intelligence and security systems

Vokord SoftLab

Artificial 3D-vision - the latest technology modeling and recognition of static or moving images and the real world


Developing talking applications for smartphones and web.

 Laboratoriya Nanosemantika

SAAS-solution for online shops and retail, which allows on-site service "one-window" service for requests of users.


Predictive analytics platform

 Neyroseti Ashmanova

Algorithms of image recognition and video based on neural networks (Deep Learning)

Space robotics

 Orbital systems

Anthropomorphic robot system capable of performing the work of an astronaut in an open space