Key Partner

The acceleration program SAP HANA Startup Focus Program is offered for the following business areas:

  • Big data processing and analysis
  • Development of high performance data storage and computation systems


The FavorITe contest seeks to select the best ITC project in 2014:

  • Cash prizes
  • A jury
  • Support and promotion of the selection, participation of a representative in the Russian Startup Tour


Privileged access to data:

  • HANA (through the SAP HANA Startup Focus program)
  • Any other SAP product (for projects cooperating with SAP through the Co-Innovation Lab, COIL)


Access to the technological infrastructure:

  • Access to HANA via the AWS infrastructure, under the terms of the SAP HANA Startup Focus Program
  • Access to infrastructure and deployment options for specific COIL projects


Educational programs/internships:

  • Open SAP Global On-line programs
  • A new course on HANA led by Dr. Vishal Sikka
  • On-line educational programs offered through the SAP HANA Startup Focus
  • Lectures/seminars at Open University Skolkovo (OpUS)
  • Internships for students (six-month programs for graduates and  seniors)