Key Partner

Nokia invests into technological development throughout the world where billions of devices interact with each other. The company consists of three business units: Networks – creating software, equipment and services for mobile networks; HERE – designing analytical facilities based on the location; and Technologies – exploring and licensing innovative technologies


Research Activity

More than 100 Nokia employees working in Saint-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow are involved into development of new software for LTE networks as well as aiming to improve a functional package of 2G/3G technologies for Russian mobile providers. Additionally, they contribute to creating and standardizing the next generation – 5G


Interaction with Ecosystem

Close cooperation between Nokia Project Technology Centre and leading mobile providers in Russia as well as research and industrial establishments on the issue of mobile networks development.

The leader in advanced technologies within the areas: Telco Cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things.

Additional possibilities of cooperation with Russian partners in order to adjust Nokia findings to the market necessities and localize new products.

Work with leading higher educational establishments: starting from setting up lectures and seminars to be conducted by Nokia experts, ending with engaging senior students and young professionals into real projects, Research and Technological development.