The Eleventh International Scientific Conference on Telecommunications for Intelligent Transport Systems, which is organised by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), will be held in St Petersburg on 23–25 August. The conference will bring together 150 leading scientists and engineers from different countries to discuss cutting-edge technologies and ideas for computerisation in transport.
The conference will open with a keynote address delivered by Albert Yefimov, the project director at Skolkovo. Information technologies (IT) have long been used in transport systems. However, the discussions are now increasingly shifting from the uses of IT in transport to IT being the key element of any means of transportation, from autonomous trains and cars to “smart roads” that control traffic depending on the flow of vehicles and using car-to-car interaction. In addition, vehicles themselves are becoming more intelligent in terms of controlling the state of their systems, ensuring traffic safety and providing communication options for passengers and drivers.   
The importance of these cutting-edge technologies is emphasised in the programmes of Skolkovo's Foresight IT Cluster: embedded control systems, complex engineering solutions, image recognition, and more. The projects that have already been granted Skolkovo resident status have developments that will be in demand in the transport industry: Computer Vision Systems (St Petersburg), Complex Transport System Management Based on a Multi-Agent Approach (Moscow), Speero Continuous Speech Recognition System (St Petersburg), and others.