The meeting was organized by the Foundation for Development of the Center of Research and Commercializing of New Technologies and the VentureCity Club.

The discussion was attended by the managing director of the Information Technologies Cluster at the Skolkovo Innovation Center, Alexander Turkot, the Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation, Stanislav Naumov, experts and representatives of venture funds and higher educational establishments, as well as leading Russian and international companies working in the IT field (SkyLink, IBM, ABBY, Kraftway, etc.) Television presenter Igor Vittel acted as the moderator of the discussion.

Participants evaluated examples of successful world startups in the last 15 years, and spoke on their vision of the prospects for development of the IT market, and on what projects and technological solutions that business needs at the moment. In the course of the discussion, they touched upon the issues of extending the field of application of the GLONASS system, active use of cloud programming methods, prostatic simulation and automation of business processes with the purpose of creating a multiplicative effect for development of adjacent industries. 

In particular, they determined the five development areas of IT innovations by 2015:

1. Development of ЗD technologies (including their application in graphic tablets and mobile devices); 
2. Creation and application of charging devices and batteries with enlarged capacity (battery capacity will be 7-10 times greater due to use of alternative energy technologies);

3. Implementation of monitoring systems for gathering information on the external environment (working on the basis of receptors positioned in cars, mobile phones, etc.)

4. Development of applications in the field of navigation systems;

5. Creation of computer equipment and data processing centers, the energy of which can be redistributed to other infrastructures. “This is how a data center in the Skolkovo Innovation City should work,” believes Alexander Turkot.

Beginning entrepreneurs, supported by the Arkadiy Moreinis, Head of Glavstart Startup Factory took an active part in the work of the discussion club. The 11 teams had a chance to compete for the prospect of entering the Skolkovo Foundation. The public competition of startups was held in three stages, at each of which several weaker teams were eliminated.

At the final stage, the four finalists had to present their project in just 15 seconds. The best in performing their task was a team of developers representing the project “SaaS solution of the functional express diagnostics and control of the human state of health”. The essence of the project is as follows: 1) creation of a technologic solution for application of a mobile device connected to the Internet as a device for diagnostics of the human state of health, and 2) creation of an Internet portal to process express monitoring of data as it is received.

The Skolkovo Foundation congratulates the winners of the startup competition and invites them to apply for the Participant Status of the Innovation Center project at:

”I consider this victory is absolutely deserved and in no way accidental. The winning project is based on the interdisciplinary principle. On the one hand it is an IT development, but the field of application belongs to the sphere of medical technology and allows for the provision of diagnostic services that are more affordable for the average consumer. I am convinced that this product will be in demand at the market,” emphasized Alexander Turkot.