Results of “Open Innovations” Forum

The first “Open Innovations” Forum has completed its work. During the three working days more than 5,000 guests took part in the Forum – representatives of the Russian and international venture industry, governmental structures, key economic departments, the scientific community and the expert community in the sphere of innovative development.

The distinctive feature of the Forum was the highest level of speakers and officials: representatives of all Russian development institutes and an unprecedented number of international experts in the sphere of innovation business met on the common ground for the first time ever in Russia. Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, took part in the work of the first day of the Forum, as well as other distinguished officials.

Another feature of the Forum was the combination of various formats of discussion and innovation demonstration: plenary sessions, discussions in halls, interactive roundtables, demonstration platforms of the modern Science Art and complex presentation projects. The total of over 150 events of official, special and youth programs took place in the framework of the Forum, and over 700 speakers from 30 countries of the world participated in them.

As the result of the work of the Forum, over 20 agreements among the largest Russian and international companies were concluded.

Thus, Vnesheconombank and the Bright Capital fund announced the conclusion of a number of agreements in the sphere of renewable energetics: with the Siluria company on building ethylene and liquid hydrocarbon production factories, with the Solexel company on building solar modules production factories, and also with the Renmatix company on building bioethanol made of raw wood production factories.

RUSNANO Capital, Virgin Group and Virgin Green Fund announced the creation of the VGF Emerging Market Growth I.L.P. investment fund in the volume of 200 million dollars. The fund is planning to invest in firms working in the spheres of effective use of resources, energy consumption optimization and renewable energetics in Russia, Turkey and in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Moreover, OJSC “RUSNANO”, the Pilkington company with the participation of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development signed an investment agreement on building an energy-efficient glass production factory in the Ulyanovsk region.

Participation agreements in the spheres of education, science and technological developments were concluded by the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and three major corporations – "UralVagonZavod" scientific industrial corporation" PLC, JSC UIC “Oboronprom” and Intel Corporation. These agreements provide for joint development of new materials and constructions, biomedical, information and communication and energetic technologies, as well as technologies in the sphere of hydrocarbon production and processing.

The agreement concerning the creation of the Standardization Center in the Innovation Sphere was concluded by OJSC “RUSNANO”, “Skolkovo” Foundation and Federal Agency on Technical Regulating. The main task of the Center is to form an “innovation-friendly” normative basis, which ensures the introduction of innovation products and technologies to the market.

OJSC “RVC” announced the conclusion of several agreements, in particular a partnership agreement with the Moscow City Government, a partnership prolongation agreement with the Government of the Kaluga region, as well as a strategic partnership agreement between Department of Investments and Entrepreneurship of the Rostov region and LLC “RVC Infrastructure Investment Fund”.

A number of agreements was concluded in the sphere of high technologies: between IBM and JSC “Angstrem” on licensing the production of chips with topological norms of 90 nm; between Ericsson Company and “MegaFon” in the sphere of development of the machine-to-machine communications market, as well as between RTI Holding and Huawei Company. OJSC “Aeroflot” and Kazan State Technical University (KSTU) concluded an agreement on developing an “anti-freeze” liquid of the new generation. Moreover, the creation of the Russia’s Union of Regional Innovation IT and Electronics Clusters was announced; Yury Vasilyev, CEO of “Zelenograd” Special Economic Zone, was elected its President.

In the health care sector agreements on joint activity of Bayer and LLC “Medsintez” were concluded in the sphere of scientific research and development, as well as on the launch of the full production cycle of a series of Bayer drugs in Russia. Theravance and R-Pharm companies announced the conclusion of an agreement on developing and commercializing their drugs and providing R-Pharm with full rights for developing and commercializing drugs on the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Georgia and the CIS. Finally, Association of Innovative Regions of Russia, Kaluga pharmaceutical cluster, St Petersburg pharmaceutical and biomedical cluster and “Severny” Biopharmcluster (the Moscow region) announced the creation of the Union of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Clusters.

The “Open Innovation Expo” exhibition over the area of 22,000 sq m presented the audience with more than 1,000 latest developments from 16 countries of the world, among them: Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Iran, Canada, the Republic of Korea, the USA, Thailand, Finland, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Japan, the Netherlands and Bulgaria. Over 500 exhibitor companies took part in the exhibition, and the number of visitors exceeded 10,000 people.

Leading Russian media became media sponsors of the Forum – Russia 24, Vedomosti, RIA Novosti and Business FM. The Forum was attended by over 350 journalists from more than 150 Russian and international media. Over 2000 publications in the media were dedicated to the issues discussed at the Forum.

The Forum was broadcast online on its web-site, as well as its official Facebook and Twitter channels. More than 6,000 unique users watched the web-site broadcast. And the total of over 20,000 people visited the web-site during the work of the Forum, which increased the audience manyfold. During the working days of the Forum the #forinnovations hashtag took the first place of trends of the Russian-speaking Twitter segment and it was used more than 7,500 times.

The registration of participants of the II Moscow International Forum for Innovative Development “Open Innovations” is open.

See you in 2013!

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Speech by Viktor Vekselberg at the plenary session of the "Russian institutions for development: a view from the outside and from the inside" forum "Open Innovation"


The Forum is organised by leading Russian development institutes and Moscow Government under the support of the Government of the Russian Federation.

The Forum brings together representatives from business, the authorities, and sciences, to share experiences and analyse fundamental global trends.


Forum Aims and Objectives:

  • Creating new tools and methods for international cooperation in innovation as a basis for a club of world innovation leaders, which will include the BRIC states as well as developed countries
  • Exchanging opinions and experiences in technology, finance and management as well as in forecasting methods for innovative development
  • Engaging heads of state, international corporations, technology developers and representatives of the scientific community in a discussion on strategic partnership
  • Technological foresight, technology transfer and commercialisation


"The competitive advantages of our research in the fields of computer technologies and applied mathematics attract foreign investors and act as a good incentive for innovative growth worldwide. Joint partnership programs with major global corporations are of paramount importance for a breakthrough in technological development".Viktor Vekselberg, President, Skolkovo Foundation





"The innovation sector of Russian economy has to develop from the start as a part of the global market. Otherwise, it is doomed to be non-competitive. The Open Innovations Forum will ensure such a development, show the capacity of Russian institutions, and provide an outlook for possible cooperation".Anantoly Chubais, Chairman of the Executive Board OAO RUSNANO





"Our ambition is to transform Russia into an international research hub, a leader in high-tech industry. In achieving this goal we are not merely driven by prestige but mostly by the needs to stimulate economic growth and to make our prosperity. This is why the Open Innovations Forum is not only a venue for discussions with our foreign partners but also an important event to achieve practical goals in form of research and development projects, advanced technological solutions, and positioning of our intellectual products on the global market"Vladislav Surkov, Deputy Chairman, Government of the Russian Federation, Forum Organizing Committee Chairman