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OMICS 2015. Big Data in Biomedicine startup contest.


Big Data has revolutionized biomedicine in areas of drug discovery, diagnostics, clinical trial and personalized treatment. On one hand new analytical methods referred to as “omics technologies” (RNA and DNA sequencing and other technologies) allow to generate unprecedented amount of molecular data for each patient. On the other hand wide adaptation of electronic medical records, powerful system of imaging and physiological monitoring has created the market for telemedicine.

This contest is backed by IT and BioMed Clusters of Skolkovo Foundation and of EMC Corporation. The purpose of the contest is the selection of innovative projects in the area of processing and analysis of Big Data in biomedicine and the creation of products and services on the basis of Big Data.

We consider the projects in following areas:

  • Omics diagnostic test
  • Databases and analytical solutions for personalized and translational medicine
  • Algorithms and software for sequencing and nucleic acid analysis
  • New algorithms, software and hardware, as well as information systems for the storage and processing of Omics data
  • Bioinformatics

We consider the projects if the project is:

  • Innovative: product or service is different from existing on the market
  • Aimed at commercialization
  • On any stage of the lifecycle: idea, development or first sales


If you want to apply for the contest or for additional information please contact the organizers via omics@sk.ru

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