Varian Start-up Challenge

This year VARIAN START-UP CHALLENGE is organized by the Skolkovo Foundation jointly with Varian Medical Systems, Inc. for the second time.

Overview of VARIAN START-UP CHALLENGE conducted could be found here.

Contest schedule


Application deadline for participation in the contest will run until May 15, 2014

Determination by Selection Committee of contest winner(s): 1 May30 May 2014

Announcement of finalist and Award: June 2014 (within the Startup Village 2014)

Selected Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to submit an Application:

  1. individuals, at the time of registration are at least eighteen (18) years old, who are citizens or permanent residents of the Russian Federation or the CIS
  2. legal entities registered in Russian Federation or the CIS

About restrictions on participation in the competition, see the Terms and Conditions.

Application form is accepted for consideration in the provision of all required information in two languages ​​- Russian and English.

Applicants are allowed to submit more than one application.

Applicants agree not to publish the application materials until the Announcement of finalist and Award.

The entire application - the result of the original work done by the Applicant, and the Applicant shall have all rights, licenses, permits and consent required to apply.

"Application" is the original R&D project based on the solution of problems in the following topics:

  1. Automatic segmentation of soft tissue organs on CT images.
  2. Optimal directions and spatial configurations for radiation beams.
  3. Electronic brachytherapy treatment delivery device.
  4. Design of a compact proton gantry system.
  5. 3D patient profile monitoring system.
  6. Dose and MLC leaf position monitoring system.
  7. High power target design.


To participate in the contest:

  1. Please, register on the Skolkovo site;
  2. Fill the Application form, consisting of Questionnaire and Presentation of the project

Application form will be sent automatically to the Competition organizers (representatives of Nuclear Technology Cluster of Skolkovo Foundation) for initial review.

Then Application form will be submitted for consideration by the Selection Committee, consisting of representatives of Varian, the Skolkovo Foundation and independent experts to decide on the winner / winners of the competition (until 1 June, 2014).

Until 2 June 2014 the Competition organizers will send a status notice to each Applicant regarding its application


The Selection Committee has the right to:

  1. disqualify an Application form, or
  2. require an Applicant to submit a revised, refined description of the Application form.

Applicants must be prepared to demonstrate their technical solution or a prototype (if any).


For the evaluation of applications, the following criteria:


Team 20
Quality of the technical solution and its feasibility 20
Market potential 20
Organizational feasibility (duration, budget, resources, competences, etc.) 20
Quality of the proposal 10 (attributed at Startup Village 2014)
Quality of the pitch at Startup Village 2014 10 (attributed at Startup Village 2014)
Total 100


After confirmation of the Selection Committee winner or winners will receive prizes:

  1. Prize from Varian - 50,000 U.S. dollars
  2. Prize from Skolkovo - additional grant financing to be provided by Skolkovo in accordance with the applicable regulations and procedures


APPLYING FOR PARTICIPATION IN THIS CONTEST, YOU AGREE fully and unconditionally with all conditions and provisions of CONTEST documentation.

IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ANY termS or conditionS of CONTEST documentation, DO NOT APPLY.