Khalid A. Fakhro


Dr Khalid A. Fakhro is a Principal Investigator in Translational Medicine at Sidra Medical and Research Center in Qatar and Assistant Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar in the Department of Genetic Medicine. He obtained his bachelors degree with honors in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics from the University of Chicago and subsequently pursued his Ph.D. in Human Genetics at Yale University, where he was part of a highly selective Howard Hughes Medical Scholars program focused on studying the molecular underpinnings of human disease. Over the last decade, Dr Fakhro was involved in pioneering research in human genomics, with first hand experience with high-throughput data generating platforms including a range of high-density genotyping microarrays and next-generation sequencing platforms, as well the use of multiple model organisms to study human disease. Currently, his work focuses on employing new genomics technologies to discover genes responsible for Mendelian disease and previously un-described congenital syndromes in the Qatari population. Despite being an early career investigator, Dr Fakhro's lab has been awarded several large national grants for their work on human disease and population genomics, where they focus on using new bioinformatics tools to analyze large-scale genomics data to describe variation, ancestry and predisposition to disease from thousands of Qatari genomes and exomes. His work positions him at the intersection of basic science and clinical investigation, collaborating with many local stakeholders in Qatar to achieve the national health goals in personalized medicine.