About Workshop

The Skolkovo Foundation, a state-sponsored Russian leading development institution and a think tank, serves as an established platform for policy debate on global intellectual property issues and public strategy of stimulating innovation and development. Last year, Skolkovo, together with the National Research University Higher School of Economics and a number of the leading experts from the University College London and the New York University, has conducted the first comprehensive study on intellectual property and innovation interplay in Russia.

Very high importance of global IP regime for innovation development in Russia and the vast expert experience in this area - all these factors have laid the ground for the organization of the Skolkovo-based international conference on global intellectual property regulation and innovation development.

  • Focus on the distributive effects of the existing global intellectual property regime and imbalances between developed and developing economies with regard to the allocation of intellectual property at a global level;
  • A focal question of the conference - interplay between the globalization of the intellectual property law and global development agenda;
  • Speakers: competent international experts, representatives of BRICS political establishment and business leaders;
  • Launch of a new initiative within the BRICS framework – BRICS IP Initiative. This long-term policy cooperation will include the coordination of the BRICS activities aimed at the transformation of global IP regime. 


Roberto Unger, Harvard University professor: «To encourage innovation in our society we must radically transform the regime of intellectual property and of its protection».