OncoMax presented the results of its research in the field of onco-urologic diseases at the 27th Annual Congress of the European Association of Urologists taking place in Paris during February 24-28.

Based on the research results measuring the effectiveness of the medicine OM-RCA-01 developed by OncoMax – a monoclone antibody for therapy of kidney cancer – the company’s senior scientific advisor I.V. Timofeev highlighted the latest achievements in the slowdown of tumor growth in kidney tissues by blocking receptors of fibroblast growth (FGFR1).

In the nearest future Dr. Timofeev will present the results of the OncoMax research at two international symposia: at the international scientific practical conference “Pharmaceutical and Medical Biotechnologies” (March 20-22, Moscow, Russia) and at the annual meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research 2012 (April 1-4, Chicago, USA).

OncoMax is a resident of the biomedical cluster of the Skolkovo Innovation Center and raised capital from venture fund Maxwell Biotech and Seed Fund RVC.