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Siemens Future Dialogue. The Innovation Engine: From science to solutions

Tue 12:00 AM - Wed 11:59 PM
Tue 9 Apr 2013 12:00 AM - Wed 10 Apr 2013 11:59 PM (UTC+03:00) Moscow, St. Petersburg

April 9-10, 2013 – Moscow, Skolkovo HyperCube

A conference hosted by the Max Planck Society and Siemens. In co-operation with Economist Intelligence Unit and the Skolkovo Foundation.

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Future Dialogue 2013

Science and business can make many things possible. In today’s fast-moving world, however, we need dialogue more than ever before – between executives and researchers, and among policy-makers and ordinary citizens.

The aim of Future Dialogue is to create a forum for that conversation. Future Dialogue is a series of conferences, taking place around the world.

At our first Future Dialogue in Berlin in 2009, we took a big look at how the world is tackling the challenges of our time: climate change, healthcare and urbanisation. In Beijing, in 2010, we focused on new approaches to the energy issues confronting us. And in 2011 in Delhi, we focused on the topic of sustainable cities.

This year we’re moving to Moscow. On April 9-10 2013, we’ll focus on innovation – the very process of turning science and technology into solutions to generate sustainable growth and prosperity. We’ll be asking what drives innovation and how policy-makers, researchers and business leaders can best facilitate it in Russia and around the world.


About the conference

THE INNOVATION ENGINEFrom science to solutions

Governments around the world talk about supporting innovation as a way to boost economic growth. But there is no simple blueprint for creating a sustainable ecosystem that forges links between a critical mass of world-class researchers and a similarly dynamic group of companies and entrepreneurs, who can transform creative ideas into marketable solutions.

Success stories, like America’s Silicon Valley, suggest that the key is geographical proximity of universities, incubators and high-tech companies, along with bottom-up entrepreneurial drive. But other countries, including emerging global powers like Brazil and Singapore, are investing in top-down, government-driven initiatives.

Future Dialogue 2013 will gather together some of the world’s top scientists, business leaders, policy-makers and influential thinkers to discuss who and what drives innovation today and how it can best be nurtured and managed in Russia.