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[BIO] Health & Technology 2012: Opportunities in Transformation

Thu 10:00 AM
Thu 13 Dec 2012 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (UTC+03:00) Moscow, St. Petersburg

We would like to invite you to attend a special full-day conference

Health and Technology 2012: Opportunities in Transformation on Thursday, December 13, 2012

This event is organized and sponsored by the Life Sciences Angel Network, Skolkovo Foundation, Viamedix Fund and Health 2.0 Conference

Location: Renaissance Moscow Hotel Monarch Center


What’s the Point?  The recent convergence of information technology, medicine, and healthcare will help to meet the global need to improve efficiency and access to healthcare.

Recent efforts to increase life expectancy and quality of life in Russia continue to focus on therapeutic strategies addressing specific conditions.  But emphasis on disease prevention, ways to efficiently monitor chronic conditions and access to the most recent information resources are equally important for physician and for individuals (before they become patients) and their families.

SkolkovoMD has recently completed its first competition for the best Mobile Diagnostic Device (MDD). Thirteen finalists will have a chance to showcase their innovative devices on December 12, 2012. 

By building further on the SkolkovoMD efforts, we would like to expand the horizons of digital health innovation beyond mobile devices and introduce entrepreneurs and investors to best practices and opportunities across the multi-faceted world of digital health.

The Goal of this conference is to explore opportunities in digital health by introducing innovative concepts from existing players as well as from newcomers to the healthcare space.  In addition, we will identify specific markets within digital health that are most attractive to Russia’s innovative ecosystem.

We will help digital health entrepreneurs find a sharper focus by sharing knowledge with active participants in the healthcare ecosystem. 

We will give established players a window to entrepreneurial innovation and fresh approaches to improve health and health care.


What’s the Agenda?

The conference will highlight fundamental topics critical to building a successful digital company in health care: understanding the healthcare system’s complexity and perspectives of experienced entrepreneurs and investors, who will share their real-world successes and failures.    

The conference is a centralized effort to bring together healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and patients – all of us – to review and share best practices (and to learn from others’ mistakes) in Russia and the USA.


Who Should Attend?

Entrepreneurs: learn from all parties involved in the process of creation long-awaited improvements in health and healthcare. Meet prospective partners, funders and customers.

Industry: discuss changing business practices ranging form hospital systems to insurance companies. Meet startups you can partner with.

Investors: get actively involved in the growing market opportunities in digital health.  Form alliances with other players in the market.


Program Features:

  • Explanation and differences between Russian and US healthcare systems and their major constituencies, interests, roles and interactions
  • Digital health vertical markets and customer needs
  • Assessment of corporations’ entry into the digital healthcare space
  • Business models of various healthcare verticals
  • Consumer-side factors forcing or retarding innovation

All sessions will be interactive, allowing for Q&A with the audience.

We look forward to your participation.