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Meeting of participants of the Cluster nuclear technologies «Skolkovo» Foundation.

Tue 4:30 PM
Tue 31 Jul 2012 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM (UTC+03:00) Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd

We invite you to take part in a regular meeting of the participants of the CLUSTER NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGIES «Skolkovo» Foundation  which will take place in the Business School of «Skolkovo». (The meetings take place once a month - every last Tuesday of the month)

The theme of the ninth meeting: «national technological platform "Radiation technologies" - opportunities for participants»

To participate in the meeting, due to the necessity of ordering passes a day before the start of the meeting, you must register at the link


16.30-17.00 Registration of participants. Welcome coffee break.

17.00-17.10 Introduction by facilitator. Fertman Alexander, director of Cluster Science Nuclear Technology «Skolkovo» Foundation

17.10-17.35 "Stages of forming  of the National technological platform "Radiation technologies": history, current state, prospects of development". Irina Mikheeva, the Manager of a Technological platform "Radiation technologies co - representative - Representative of Minkonomrazvitiya Russia (tbc)

17.35-18.00 "Prospects for the development of accelerators for various industrial applications." The scientific leaders of technology platforms "Radiation Technology" (tbc)

18.00-18.30 - Report "Radiation technologies. Changing the nature of the industries and the quality of life. '" Fertman Alexander, director of Cluster Science Nuclear Technology «Skolkovo» Foundation .

18.30-19.00 "Technological platform as the main tool of commercialization". Pavel Ovchinnikov, Director of business development of the caster  nuclear technologies «Skolkovo» Foundation  

19.00-19.30 -Discussion

19.30-20.00 Informal communication staff of the Cluster and the representatives of the TA with the participants and potential participants of «Skolkovo» Foundation  (coffee-break)

20.00 Departure of the participants

For those who are planning to get on the group transfer: bus departs from the metro station «Victory Park» to the LNA «Skolkovo» - in 16:00 Moscow time, from the LNA «Skolkovo» to metro station «Park Pobedy» - at 20.00 Moscow time

The additional request - enter the number of Your vehicle registration on the link, as well as indicate in the registration form of your desire to take the Shuttle.