The Hypercube is the very first building on the Skolkovo innovation center territory. Precisely here starting and now principles of formation of the Skolkovo’s eco-system, which forms the philosophy of Skolkovo itself, are being tested.

From the first day of its work the Hypercube, center of the "Skolkovo" project, its test bench, where economic, engineering, information, urban and managerial models of the Innovation City are being tested. But functions of the Hypercube aren’t limited just to provide housing or to support sustainability of all life systems, like smooth operation of lifts and screens.

The Hypercube’s residents are managers of world's largest corporations with a long-time history, who will stay there hand-by-hand with members of just appearing startups, as well as employees of the Innovation city and being formed strong Technopark. In its offices and conference halls one can meet architects and investors, professors and businessmen, engineers and journalists.

From autumn 2012, all visitors to the hypercube have a great opportunity not only to get acquainted with all the elements of our ecosystem, but also to participate in the development of its core values ​​and mechanisms of implementation on the scale of the entire Innovation City.

The gross floor area of the building is ​​6,000 square meters. The Hypercube’s construction is based on the “4E” principals: Energy efficiency, Environmental friendliness, Ergonomics and cost Effectiveness. Electricity supply systems will be the only utility, hooked to the building, all other types of supplies  will be self-supported. The building will be heated autonomously heated, water will be draught from an artesian well, and after purification will be re-used for irrigation.