26th of February – 2nd of March.

It was the perfect week for the discovery of other countries and the development of English skills.

Language helps to understand and respect each other around the World - the central idea defined by the English department, counting with the leadership of Mrs. Fatima, and the impressive work of Mrs. Klara, Ms. Allison and Mr. David. Together, they created a journey that took only 5 days but promised to change the minds of the young pupils forever.


For centuries, nations from all over the World have travelled to one specific location to celebrate and compete in hundreds of different activities and sport events. This year, Russia will have the good fortune of hosting the FIFA World Cup 2018, making it the perfect example to use and explain the central idea.

As the journey began, children from the PYP section (Grade 1 to 4) were tasked with searching for basic information about each of the countries such as capital, official languages, landmarks and interesting facts. The countries chosen are the ones that qualified for this year’s World Cup. Pupils also had the responsibility of representing their new countries in the grand event that took place at the end of the week.


Throughout this marvelous path of knowledge, children worked in groups, researched about their countries using different technologies, prepared a presentation and even showed some dancing skills.

On the day of the main event, all the children took part in the World Cup march, forming a magnificent circle of union and international mindedness. Following that, they were interviewed by two presenters, sharing the amazing information about each one of the countries with the audience and other participants. To conclude this amazing week, children took part in a massive Flash Mob. The music chosen is the official song for the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, which made it even more special. It was an unforgettable week, and I can’t wait to see and help developing more projects like this one.