By Mikhail Baklanov

The Innovation City has turned into an all-round construction zone, where works continue simultaneously on several sites. Besides the very first building, the Hypercube, there are two fully ready power substations of the federal Grid Company, which will start supplying the construction sites with electricity by the end of this year.


The Matrix business center will be operating not far from the Hypercube

Deputy general director on engineering infrastructure and urban development of the Skolkovo Integrated Design and Construction Office (ODPS) company, which manages the construction works, Oleg Nikitin has demonstrated to correspondents, what and how is being done now at the Innovation City.


Oleg Nikitin, ODPS deputy general director

The Central Boulevard will serve the main transit corridor of the city. It will connect northern and southern parts of Skolkovo by a green transport route, bicycle and pedestrian lanes. But the meaning and the purpose of the boulevard are much deeper, both in direct and indirect meanings. All main utilities and communication networks will be located under the asphalt of the boulevard. The will also be two collectors for power grid system, connected to power substations. Local waste treatment facilities will be located to the north and to the south of the city. Besides constraction activities in the main boulevard zone, one can also see construction works on minor roads. Technopark and Skoltech buildings will be main objects of the Innovation City. Land development works on the university site are already on the way, and a tender to erect the main Skoltech’s building, in which 15 companies participate, is to be finalized soon. Meanwhile the living facilities of the residential area of the Skoltech’s teaching staff are also being built.

The residential area of the Skoltech’s teaching staff

And across the boulevard from the university, one can already see the Matrex business center building, which phase 1 construction is already done. The Matrix completion deadline is the first quarter of the coming year, and together with it the Renova company R&D center (Renova Lab) will also be done. And, as Oleg Nikitin said, the general utilities construction works will be done by the first quarter of 2014, their full completion and commissioning is the 2nd quarter of 2014, so that the roads paving will take place in stable warm temperature conditions.