Yesterday, on July 17, participants of a joint educational programme “Higher School of Urban Planning” at the Higher School of Economics and University of Amsterdam familiarized themselves with the construction process at the Innovation Center and returned with a lot of positive impressions.

Deputy Dean of the “Higher School of Urban Planning” at HSE Dmitri Savkin, who brought the group to Skolkovo, said that the delegation of young architects from the Netherlands having an average age of around 30 years, are already prominent specialists in the field of urban planning and architecture in their country. Some of them already work in the town council of Amsterdam as well as at a famous innovation center at Philips in Eindhoven, one of the mega projects in urban planning in Europe.

“Architects and urban planners from Amsterdam have heard a lot about Skolkovo and wanted to get acquainted with this large-scale project. From their reaction I could see that they were quite surprised, one could even say stunned, when they saw with their own eyes that the project was not only at concept stage, that it wasn’t a “clean sheet”. The Hypercube is already operational, other facilities are being constructed. This has really made an incredibly positive impression on them”, said Dmitri Savkin in his interview.

Deputy Dean of the Higher School of Urban Planning also highlighted that the HSE was gradually developing good working relationships with Skolkovo. He reminded that the Town Council member Grigoriy Revzin was a professor at the school. “Dutch architects and urban planners who visited Skolkovo work at various organizations and companies in their country. They will definitely speak about how everything is developing positively here and no doubt, such information from people who have visited the Innovation Center will help create a positive image for Skolkovo in the Netherlands”, said Deputy Dean of the Higher School of Urban Planning. Guests thanked the “Cultural Buildings” project manager Jemal Surmanidze who provided information about Skolkovo, as well as the Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation Alexander Chernov who assisted in the organization of this event.