In the framework of Startup Village 2013 two interconnected conferences will be held: "City for Innovation" and "Innovation for the City"

Skolkovo, while still not constructed, is already a city. While it is still virtual, there are already thousands of people that live and work here. They, as residents and partners of "Skolkovo", intermingle amongst each other, and choose for themselves and their respective businesses the projects related to city construction, evaluate the potential effectiveness of the future urban environment, and inquire into the possibility of incorporating their developments into and for the city.

The innovative city must be on one side, specifically adapted for general innovation, and on the other, capable of incorporating the generated applicable innovations on its territory. In order to solve this challenge, it is beneficial to take into account to the views of those who are already working with the urban planning of the city environment, trying to make it attractive for innovative business. That is why in the framework Startup Village 2013 two interconnected conferences are being held: "City for Innovation" and "Innovation for the City".

Both conferences will be held in an unusual "express" format, without the standard presidium. Speakers who have a record of implementing projects that shape urban environment will enter the stage one by one, and share their experiences and opinions on "Skolkovo", while experts-"optimist' and "pessimist- comment on the cases presented by the speakers. The discussion is expected to be heated, and the themes to be interesting.

How to create at "Skolkovo" a creative and comfortable environment? Just like on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or like in Toronto? Or do it completely differently and as something else? What does the typical resident of "Skolkovo" expect from the innovative megapolis?

How to make "Skolkovo" attractive for innovation, capable of further transformation, and utilizing newly developed technological solutions for the urban environment? Does the innovative megapolis have to be a testing site for urban and consumer innovations?

Participants in the conference will attempt to answer these questions.

Amongst the speakers:

Jean Pistre, Chairman of the City Planning Committee of Skolkovo, head of the French architectural bureau Valode&Pistre;

Edward F. Crawley, president SkolTech, USA;

Bill Hutchinson, chairman of Ernst &Young Center for Smart City Innovation, CEO of Hutchinson Management International, Canada

Vladimir Knyaginin, Director of the Center for Strategic Developments "Sever-Zapad"

Vyacheslav Gladkov, Administrative head of ZATO "Zarechniy" of the Penza region;

Aleksei Komissarov, Director of the Department of Science, Industrial Politics and Business of the city of Moscow;

Sofia Trosenko, creator of the Center of Modern Art VINZAVOD;

Maxsim Shereikin, Deputy Governor of the Kaluga Region;

Dmitry Berelutsky, President of the "GreenStroi" Association and others.

Mihael Givargizov, Director OOO "TopScan", resident of Skolkovo;

Vladimir Fedorov, General Director Zao "Scientific-Industrial Implementation company "Turbocon" (Kaluga);

Arman Gukasyan, creator and head of company 3Dreamteam, founder of the project Vizerra, resident of Skolkovo.