Today management of the Foundation’s construction block, Skolkovo Technopark and the Procurement Department, brought together construction professionals for preliminary discussions about cooperation and specific tasks to be carried out for the design of the technopark building.

Participants in the meeting on behalf of Skolkovo Foundation, alongside those who will be constructing the technopark business center premises on the Skolkovo territory, were Maxim Surnin, Skolkovo Technopark Director General; Andrey Rakhmaninov, head of the Procurement Department of Skolkovo Foundation; Sergey Plyusnin, construction director; Andrey Grishin, deputy director on landscape zones and improvements.

Maxim Surnin, as the main customer of the building who will also lead the work processes at the technopark, opened the session. In particular, he reminded that the builders would have to construct a four-storey modern office building where office premises would combine with open space as well as laboratories. Total area of this construction shall be thirty thousand square meters. It must comply with the spirit, concept, landscape and pleasant suburban environment of Skolkovo.

There will be two thousand men working in the building which means it is going to be quite a big office space. As reminded by Andrey Sartori, R&D services director of Skolkovo Technopark, it also has a number of specific requirements. For example, the foundation must not be susceptible to vibration, as there will be microscopes and other super accurate equipment located on the ground floor.

The architectural concept of this project is a considerable challenge. This is why the project customer expects interesting conceptual approaches coming out of the tender process. But the main problem is still completing the works within a tight deadline. To ease some tension, Andrey Rakhmaninov mentioned that construction companies will be facing relatively easy requirements on the design (which should involve pre-fabricated materials), at the same time they would subject to very tight construction time schedule.

The developer will only have 50 days for design, 150 days for construction works and 30 days for preparing the construction for operation. Thus, the project must be fully completed in 230 days, i.e. until the end of 2013. The guarantee period for the constructed building must be 24 months. These strict timeline requirements make it absolutely clear that it is necessary to use of high quality prefabricated constructions.

Designers and builders have quite a wide range of choice for making constructive decisions. Foundation representatives noted that no one was going to ask them for impossible things, and developers could give recommendations with the aim of adequate amendment of the contract. However, concerning key factors (deadline, building size, etc.), bargaining is out of question. At the same such tight deadline naturally concerned the builders and they quite reasonably asked what would happen if there were delays in the design approval stage. As mentioned by one of the meeting participants, bureaucratic delays sometimes take much more time than the construction itself. Representatives of the Foundation’s construction block assured them that construction aspect of the innovation city was a priority, and issues connected with key objects were under the personal control of the Foundation’s President. Besides, builders are not accountable for issues connected with engineering networks and other infrastructure objects. These works are conducted by the Foundation itself, with Moscow and federal construction organizations supporting the project.

Proposals from companies will be accepted until May 13. The team deciding who will finally construct the Technopark includes independent experts, quite famous in the country, with one foreign expert among them. Competition results will be published on the Skolkovo Foundation website. Andrey Rakhmaninov, Procurement Director, said that the Foundation was interested in seeing as many participants as possible and was ready to guarantee honest and unbiased selection of the winner who would construct one of the largest technoparks in the country on the Skolkovo territory in a record time frame.